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RE: Scary Situations

Not quite a gig story, but related -

There was the time when I was strumming my nylon-string out on a pier on
a tropical night in Belize when a drunk local, large-sized (I am not
that myself) comes up and asks if he can try my guitar. I let him, but
one song turned into two or three, and then he just kinda started
walking off towards the other side of the pier with his two female
companions (I'm not sure whether the proper interpretation would be
girlfriends, prospects or marks...). I had to shout out and insist on
the return of my guitar - was kind of nervous about it, but it was ok -
he merely returned my guitar with a resentful look. 

On the other hand, I got to sit in on two gigs with a borrowed electric
while on vacation. How often does that happen?

April 23 at the Monkey, NYC!!!!