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Gig/Booking Software

Hi there,

as probably all of us I would like to spend less time doing office work and spend more time on music.
I have been investigating some software solutions that will also help the people working with me to keep track of all contacts, venues etc. So far the only thing I have found for MAC OSX is:

Gigmaster  (at
http://www.shubb.com/gigm.html )
Don't like the layout very much though.

Filemaker might be a solution but I haven't found a proper layout yet and it bugs me that you cannot make phone calls right out of the database under OSX.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some software to:

- keep track of all venues you have played at or might want to in the future
- sort them by distance to your hometown, what days they have performances etc.
- tag the ones you have called for automatic recall/reminder
- let the software remind you ahead of time of festivals coming up in 6 months etc.
- send email or call them directly out of the database with one button
- keep track of finances ?

Has anyone here had good experiences with any piece of software (Mac or PC) ?

If you know of a solution for MAC OSX or a filemaker template that would do the job please e-mail me.
Or as they said on SNL "let's discuss" :-)

Christian Rover