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Re: Scary Situations

I was playing a regular jazz gig at a local pub, when one of the obviously 
drunk patrons started shouting for us to play some zeppelin.  Well we 
started thinking about if we knew any zeppelin tunes that might be fun, 
clearly annoyed that we hadn't started playing one yet, the guy starts 
yelling for us to play "Baby I'm gonna leave."   Well we kind of thought 
might know that one, but we didn't think it would translate so good 
vocals, so off the cuff, I said: We'll play it if you promise to sing the 
whole thing.  Well this should shut up the drunks for a while, I'm 
but then he walks up to the band stand and starts counting it off.  
then, here we go.  And it was one of the most amazing musical moments 
ever had at that pub.  He was amazing!  Turns out he was the lead singer 
a national pop act that's been on and off the charts for years.  I guess 
never know.