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Re: hilariously scary situations

A trifle off-topic...

My upstairs neighbors many years ago had a fairly successful hardcore
band and had a party one night so I went up to be polite.

There were lots of muscular people with leather jackets and tattoos. 
There was also a huge pile of some undetermined white powder on the
table when I got into the room, which made me blink and decide not to
stay so long...

Unfortunately, within 10 minutes there are two police officers
standing right there in the (open) door.  I try to act nonchalant and
am freaking out in my head.

One officer asks, "Who's in charge here?" and my neighbor (who was a
stand-up guy, a decent musician and human) said, "Me!' to which the
officer responded, "You have to stop your people on the roof shooting
roman candles at the gas station"(!)

Mine host was righteously pissed and immediately placated the cops,
knocking some sense into the idiots upstairs: "Hey, asshole!  What the
fuck do you think you're doing?" -- the cops left without mentioning
the incriminating pile...

and I could breathe again!

On 4/12/06, Timothy Mungenast <mungenast@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Great story!!!
> No, not all cops are dickheads. Some are very cool indeed. You'll find 
> damned reasonable ones out there. I have.
> ~Tim
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> > From: daniel stevenson <stillllscary@yahoo.com>
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> > Date: 4/12/2006 6:18:11 PM
> > Subject: hilariously scary situations
> >
> > the time i was doing a gallery hop busk with a sack of
> > fungi in my pocket and gutts,and puffin away on a huge
> > spleef was a hilariously scary moment.im sittin there
> > wailing away and who walks around the corner and stops
> > to listen?THE MAN!!!i know im getting a ticket at the
> > very least and if he finds the other stuff im goin
> > down...he looks me in the eye and says"keep it
> > down"and tosses a buck in my guitar case i give em the
> > nod and keep playin as he walks away!as i can afford
> > the plea bargined disorderlly conduct for the smoke i
> > still keep one lit while doing the busk,but dose up
> > and leave the fungi at home is the moral of this story
> > & not all cops are dickheads...that one made a friend
> > for life!
> >                   keep they heads ringin.
> >                                         scary
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