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Re: stage jumpers was Scary Situations

i "thought" my loop stuff was impossible to do any live vocal over...
and then live @ LoopStock i was doin a 'LoveRollercoaster' riff(dont know
why!) and all of a sudden not one but TWO vocalizers got on the mics and
started beetboppin er whatever they call it :-)
i didnt chase them off mainly because one is the ever-loving host of the 
Loopfests and the other was the host of the  Loopstocks...
i think it turned out great-never got to hear what it sounded like tho...
(thanks Hans and franz-i mean Rick :-)

on 4/12/06 9:41 PM, daniel stevenson at stillllscary@yahoo.com wrote:
> i guess im lucky but the stuff im doing is impossible
> to rap over so i dont get any of that...lol but i
> would let anyone from this list sit in(this may
> constitute a misdemeanor in some regions)heck i might
> even let you rap...lol but remember its a "sacred
> bond" to make music together.
> seeing sounds,
> scary visionary.