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shameless plug

Since a large proportion of the people who emailed me
about the availability of my CDs 'Mesh' and 'Rantai'
are on this list, I'll post this here...

The CDBaby pages are finally both up. (See links in
sig file, or follow the ones at

Regarding CDBaby, I'm making it a personal goal to
move more than Tim Mungenast. :P

Of loop note, on the CDs I used a Headrush, a DL4, an
RC-20, an Echopro and a little bit of Mobius...

If any of you who've already heard either/both of the
CDs would like to post reviews on the CDBaby sites,
I'd be most appreciative as well.



'Rantai' CD: <http://cdbaby.com/cd/timnelson1>
'Mesh' CD: <http://cdbaby.com/cd/timnelson2>

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