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Re: Scary Situations

Title: Re: Scary Situations
yo mikee-i remember that-who said that 'if you were really @ loopstock-you wouldnt remember it'? they were wrong-and i dont recall your playing/looping suffering any from that outburst-
altho we did run away to move our cars-that would be disconcerting to anyone performing...
play on

on 4/12/06 1:07 PM, Nemoguitt@aol.com at Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
once while playing a small festival in cali about 10 mins. into my set, i was happily loopin away when a somewhat crazed person ran into the church yelling "STOP THE MUSIC STOP PLAYING", i'm not wrapped tight in the first place and wondered am i that bad? but this person went on to announce that "THE TACO SHOP ACCROSS THE STREET IS CALLING THE POLICE SO YOU MUST MOVE YOUR CARS OUT OF THEIR PARKING LOT".....well thank goodness it wasn't totally me and i had not offended the TACO PEOPLE but i was soooo freaked that my hands started shaking and every note i played had built in tremelo and vibrato.....i was so stressed that i finished my set about 10 mins. early.....also, i'm surprised that nobody mentioned LOOPSTOCK lll down in LOS OSSOS (sp)....."can we trun on the juke box yet?".....nice!.....mic