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Re: solid state recorders

I've had the Marantz PMD660 since July 2005, and it works ok, BUT:

The on board mics sound good, but it's very sensitive and there is no pad 
no limiter. Unuseable for live music recording, at least the kind of SPLs 
I play.

The xlr mic inputs are nice, but no pads and no limiter. arrgghhhh. See 

There is no fast forward (ok, there is a 2x ffwd). If you're not placing 
markers, because maybe you're trying to play, this makes it hard to do 
checks on stuff after the set.

I wish there were an spdif input, as my mixer has an spdif out.

It's nice for field recordings of bugs and birds, but then it's a little 
on the 
large side. I wouldn't mind if it had limiters.

I want the feature set of my Sony portable DAT from 1989, only smaller, 
with a built in mic.

And I would like if you could use 1 mic in and 1 line in simultaneously. 
DAT does that, too.

I've actually had very few successful recordings of live music with this 
Great bugs and birds, though.


Art Simon wrote:

> Interestingly, the Marantz recorders had some distortion problems.
> Unfortunately, the article was written before the MicroTrack came out.