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Re: Scary Situations

At 7:33 AM -0700 4/11/06, Kevin wrote:
>>>David wrote:
>>>"I had a nasty and humiliating experience in Berkeley a few years ago
>>>when Henry Kaiser and John Oswald invited me to participate in a
>>>noise-type event...
>>I knew when I got there that I didn't really belong, but it 
>>wouldn't have been appropriate to split so I stayed and gave it my 
>>best shot.
>Scary.  How did you know when you arrived that you didn't belong? 
>Was everyone dressing like the guest list at an art school concert?

Heh.  No, it was the sounds.  Not much pitch, not much rhythm, not much 

>I can get tense on stage but I never have actual stage fright 
>because I tell myself:
>1. The audience didn't come to hear me suck. So they will be charitable.
>2. If I suck then the folks I'm playing will also suck.  So they 
>will do their best to keep my head above water.
>3. Some people have in the past enjoyed some of my most desperate moments.
>4. The worst experiences make the best stories.
>5. It's only a gig.

Good stuff.

The only time in recent memory that I've been nervous on stage was 
when Darol Anger sat in with me in Florida a couple of weeks ago. 
He walked onto the stage while I was getting a loop piece started, 
and just wove his fiddle right in.  I was thinking, "This isn't 
nearly interesting enough for him," but it was actually pretty cool.


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