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Re Music Scene

At 12:44 AM 4/11/2006, Andy wrote:
>Spielberg = image
>Tarkovsky = content

Ah, but I deliberately see every Spielberg movie I can.  (Did I say 
that?  Oh no, my boho cred is shot!)  He's the only one of his cohort 
(Coppola, Lucas) who continues to make original movies.

But I think we've drifted very far away from the original point of my 
post, which is that if we want a musical scene, we have to create our 
own.  A scene is a social context, a society in which the music that 
we create can flourish.  A society attracts people for many reasons, 
not all of which have to do with the music itself.

Which leads back to one of favorite aphorisms that must be boring the 
heck out of everybody on the list.  "I don't want to smash the 
state.  I want my own damn state."  Don't blame society as a whole or 
consumer culture or whatever outside force you care to name for your 
music not being heard. The venue for your music is your own personal 
responsibility.  If only four people come to your shows you can make 
one of two conclusions:  1) you didn't do enough promo or 2) people 
just don't like your music enough to come out and see it.  What you 
do with those two conclusions is entirely up to you.

There has never been a time in history when so much has been possible 
musically.  The culture of sampling and iTunes has opened people's 
minds to a huge variety of music.  It has never been cheaper to start 
your own record company and distribute your own music.  The Internet 
and iPods have opened up an entirely different broadcasting 
medium.  Social networking websites and blogs are an entirely 
different way of getting the word out about your music.  Looper's 
Delight is an example of this--thank you, Kim!

"Don't dream it - be it."
   -- Rocky Horror Picture Show

"Thus endeth the lesson."


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