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Re: BAY AREA new music scene

On 10 Apr 2006 at 13:29, johnsrude@peak.org wrote:

> > noise-type event.  my guitar playing was way too pretty and
> > conventional for the context, and I wound up feeling kinda stupid by
> > the time it was over.

We have an active "noise" scene here in sunny Sheffield and on the 
odd time I get to play at an event, I'm ignored as far too "sensible" 
- they seem to insist on no rhythm, no harmony, no melody. Then when 
I get a slot on a more conventional bill, they can't cope because 
there's no verse/chorus/M8!

When I started out in the 80s doing "non conventional" gigs, I was 
almost "unplaying" - deliberately aiming for "wrong" notes and trying 
to subvert whatever scales and licks I'd worked so hard to learn. 
This must have been pretty awful to listen to and to this day, I 
can't begin to touch the inspired note choice of David Torn. However, 
you find a balance and eventually, you begin to develop your own 
sound and musical identity, but thick skin is a useful genetic bonus.

Just play what you enjoy and eventually, you'll find someone else who 
gets pleasure from it, probably several on this list!

All the best,

Nick Robinson