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Re:Re: Re:Re: Music Scene

> >>>It seems we live in a society that values image over content.

kevin :-
> >>Hmm.  What's the difference?
> > you know very well ;-)

>You have more confidence in my discriminative abilities than I do, I'm 
>  I look on music as one of the performance arts.  If I think of 
>"content" as
>the value of music and "image" as its presentation then I have trouble 
>a sharp line between image and content.  Or even any line at all.  More 
>like a
>shading, I think.

well, it does sound like you know the difference :-)

>When I'm deciding whether or not to go to a movie, the first thing I look 
>is the director. Is that image or content?

Spielberg = image
Tarkovsky = content

andy butler