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TC 0144 foot-controller for sale

Hello all.  I'm letting go of my TC 0144 foot-controller
for the 2290 delay.  Anyone who has any questions about what this unit is 
what it does, feel free to email me.  However I think most here are
familiar with it.  This unit was purchased from a gigging musician
about 6 years ago, and has lived in my home ever since.  It has seen
some road use from its previous owner, and as a result has quite a few 
chips and scratches.
However, it is in perfect working order.  All LED's, jacks, and 
footswitches function perfectly.

You can view small pic here:
However, I have a really large, high-resolution version of the same
pic that I can email.  Just email me and I can send it to you.

I'm asking $180 + $10 shipping.  I can ship anywhere within the
continental U.S.

Feel free to ask me any questions.  Thanks for any interest.