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Re: solid state recorders

On 10 Apr 2006, at 10:21, Michael Peters wrote:

> my trusty old Sony DAT walkman is broken ... I'm thinking about  
> getting one
> of these new flash-card driven solid state recorders ... can anyone
> recommend one?  the Marantz looks best but has a out-of-reach price  
> tag ...
> I'd like to be able to record concerts but also field recordings ...

I just ordered a Marantz 660 (my old Minidisk broke) - they're about  
$499... you can find marginally cheaper ones (Edirol etc) but the  
spec is nowhere near as professional. The 660 is the little handheld  
one, but it's got full XLR input with phantom power and will record  
16bit WAV - should be adequate for my needs.