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digitech digidelay/loop trade thanks!

wanted to say that i got a new digitech digidelay on fri (sent back the boss dd20)
am liking the digidelay, i find that i rarely use over 4 sec loops and have been enjoying the things it can do. mostly use the tape delay setting -which can give some fun weird quasi old echoplex like sounds (think old tommy bolin) and fun playing w/ the 4 sec of digital delay. must say that i had a used one of these a few yrs ago, and that one must have been broke b/c it didn' t do the sample and hold at 100% feedback. that is a most fun aspect to the little pedal.
also wanted tosay thanks to the folks i traded cds w/:
douglas baldwin
luis angelo
michael 'nemoguitar' klobuchar
been most fun listening to the stuff they create loop wise (and inspiring).....
i've also been going through all my loop cds and will post something later when i have a moment....

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