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Re: Favorite VST Instruments?

On Apr 8, 2006, at 1:40 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> I find laptops not enough powerful, stable and controllable with 
> regard to effect parameters.

I'm just curious....what specifically can't it do in regards to 
controllability? I'm loving mine, with less meltdowns than when I was 
using hardware, and way more flexibility with controlling parameters. 
I'm probably courting disaster by mentioning how trouble-free my laptop 
has been....especially before going on the road tomorrow....Also: I 
played a set with a very experienced electric guitar player with 
effects recently (no, not last weekend, a different gig), our gig 
started an hour late because he was having connection problems with all 
his pedals...just to say that there can be problems with hardware based 
systems as well. OK, so now I'm worried my rig will crash in chicago 
this next week....

> The "granular synthesis" plug-in in Rick's list appears interesting. 
> Can be used on a real-time audio stream? I've done some granular 
> synthesis in MetaSynth, but only as a way of altering already recorded 
> audio.

I do real-time granular synthesis with my rig...using various pluggos 
and I've also been using the demo version of hipno. I like it, although 
the hipno stuff takes a lot of CPU juice on my 1.5 ghz PowerBook G4 
with a mere 512 MB of RAM.

FWIW, I also do not process loops, I process my horn going in and then 
loop that. although I will mess with the loops time, pitch, and 
spatialization after they've been recorded (of course).

The only VSTs I run on my performance rig are pluggo and Vintage 
Warmer...everything else I create myself or cobble together with pieces 
of code gleaned from lurking on the max list....


Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com