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message from Tuba Looper Tom Heasley

My Pal, Tuba Looper Tom Heasley, is having trouble with his email program and the LD list so he asked me to post this for him.
I noticed the tuba looping thread and several mentions of my work recently (thanks guys). Id like to extend a special offer to anyone who is on the list to purchase my cds for $10 each, including shipping in the US. And for anyone who may wish to buy the complete set (including my third cd, Desert Triptych which features didjeridu instead of tuba), Ill send all three for $25, postage paid. International customers add $2 per disc for shipping, or $30 for all three titles. Money may be sent to me via PayPal with a note as to what you want, or checks may be sent to: Tom Heasley, 9663 Santa Monica Bl., Suite 125, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. And if anyone is really in dire financial straights, but would love to have the music, write me and we can work out a special price.
Tom Heasley