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Re: Favorite VST Instruments?

> Why don't we take an informal poll and list what we think are our very 
> favorite plugins for processing loops

I'd love to Rick!

> 1)  What are your desert island list of five plugins (no more than five 
> but you can list suites)

1. Lexicon PSP84 / Lexicon PSP42 (they are two different VST effects, but 
bought them as a packae deal)
2. Cycling '74 Pluggo (my favorite inside this sweet is the Feedback 
and Squirell Parade)
3. Antares Filter
4. Reaktor VST Suite (I love Metaphysical)
5. MHC Space Effect 2.0

> 2)  Your favorite plugins in these categories

> a)  modulation: KJAERHUS Audio Classic Chorus, Edge (pitch), Mathons 
> Chopitch (considered a mod effect? I didn't see pitch shifting below)
> b)  reverberation: ANWIDASOFT DX Reverb Light
> c)  equalization: KJAERHUS Audio Classic EQ
> d)  glitch, chopping, slicing: GlitchGirl (NEO), dbblue Glitch, 
> GlitchJockey
> e)  granular synthesis: Antares Kantos Audio Controlled Synthesizer
> f)   vocoder: ???
> g)  distortion: ??? (can't find one I like)
> h)  lo fi: DFX Scrubby
> i)   filter:  Antares Filter
> j)   compressors: KJAERHUS Audio Classic  Compressor
> k)  pre-amplification: ??? (can't find one I like)
> l)   delay: PSP84, PSP42, MHC FLEX FX 2.0 Stereo Delay, NUSofting 
> Trimmetry Tapper, NUSofting Morphing Delay
> m) weird other ones: ELOGOXA Sun Ra (Ambient texture generator), 
> SmartElecronix MadShifta, Brumblebum, BrushFX, Fxpansion Ringmod, 
> ephonic, Warble, Rye, Weat, etc, etc