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Re: My VST Effects Share (over 400)

Definitely get Rick's DVD, folks...it's well worth it.

HIPNO...I want that so bad.....however, I loaded the demo on my system the 
other day, and it it really messed up things.  I read that you need a new 
version of Pluggo to run it, and I updated my current version of Pluggo, 
something was still not right. Basically, when I tried to open a Hipno 
plugin in my VST host, it would hang the system. It seemed to happen after 
installed my webcam. Before I installed the webcam, I could open the Hipno 
plugins, but for obvious reasons I couldn't use the webcam and the 
Hipno-scope.  From what I heard on a few of those plugins, I was 
blown away. I may have to just buy it and work with tech support to 
the problem.

I want Hipno! No, I neeeeeeed it.  My want has now become a psychological 
need. :)

You have it, Rick? Lucky bastard....


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From: "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com>

>I am a confessed VST junkie.
> What I find is that in thinking about processing something (unless I"m 
> going for some weird randomization stuff which is one of the amazing 
> about the new HIPNO plugins from Cycling 74) I generally have an idea 
> kind of processing I"m looking for and then it is good if I, for 
> can go through several tube amplifier simulations quickly to decide what 
> it is that I want to use.

> come join me at AUDIO PLUGIN JUNKIES ANNOYMOUS at tribe.   e-mail me off 
> list and i'll send you a personal invite.
> It's free to join and they don't give out any information so it is safe.

> Also, I sell a very inexpensive DVD with all of this stuff collated and 
> organzized if anyone wants to contact me off line about it
> if you don't want to take the 6 years it took me to get it all together. 
> I just charge for the time and expense it takes me to
> assemble, burn, package and mail it.
> I'm at rickwalker(at)looppool(dot)com.