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Re: rc 50 no batteries or feedback

I just ordered mine from AMS and am anxiously awaiting the 5-6-06 ship 
date. This may be a good intermediary device between the EDP and lower-end 

I also ordered another new device: the Roland HPD-10 cheap-o Handsonic. I 
had the big brother and really liked it. I hope this one isn't a 

Paul Richards

---- daniel stevenson <stillllscary@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> im taking boss customer supports word on this.but that
> huge box has no room for batteries#$%#*(%%$...seemed
> confused about the subject of feedback control but
> said the loops stayed infinite....bummer
> will someone please invent wireless power supply or
> night-time solar power...?
>                         scary Illuminati
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