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Re: about ninjam

For me, the most beneficial feature of Nijmam is that many people can 
through the same server. That's a beautful thing.  Sure, you can sync, but 
it's not in real time. You still have the time delay (it's just packaged 
in a synced way), so the performance is not two or more people playing 
together in real-time in the strict sense of the term, like what is the 
when playing in person. So, if you are fine with playing over someone's 
that has been played 15-30 seconds beforehand (or whatever it happens to 
be), that's cool. I guess if you are syncing local software, that is a 
different matter, but I personally dislike that sort of collaboration...I 
don't like a machine correcting or defning my meter for me. It's annoying 
and unnatural for me. I like to keep things freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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> You *can* choose to ignore the midi clock, but then you lose the whole 
> point of ninjam, namely that you can actually play in sync with others 
> online.
> For what it's worth we managed to keep two ableton Live computer in sync 
> over Ninjam for about an hour... a bit of nudging here, a bit of 
> there...
> Doug Cox wrote:
>> Kris - I saw your message on the Ninjam forums - interested in hearing 
>> you ever managed to get Ninjam to run on your hosted server.
>> Also, have you had any luck with synch issues? It seems like Ninjam 
>> forces a BPM on you, and of course, without that BPM being translated 
>> a MIDI clock or similar it seems like your loops would eventually fall 
>> out of synch with Ninjam. Or maybe you're just working with very 
>> pieces and ignoring the Ninjam clock?
>> I'd love to know how to synch Ninjam's BPM with my looping via MIDI 
>> :(
>> Anyone?
>> Krispen Hartung wrote:
>>> You install the software and then you go to 
>>> http://www.ninjam.com/jamfarm/index.php - pick a server and plug in 
>>> data into the Ninjam software you installed...then wait for the people 
>>> to flock to you like moths to a flame.
>>> Kris
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>>>     hi
>>>     im a guitar player and i heard about ninjam. Ive downloaded it but
>>>     i have no idea of how to use this software. Can you please help
>>>     me, tell me how ninjam works.
>>>     thanks,
>>>     bye
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