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Re: MIDI LOOP SYNCING: 3 questions

At 03:30 07/04/06, you wrote:
>1) what is the best live looping machine to
>DRIVE a midi sequencer or drum machine via mid?

starts sending clock at end of record

>the EDP

can just send clock at end of record,
....but allows you to SET the BPM and send clock before you record
    (then the recording will quantise to a whole number of Cycles)

>2)  what is the best live looping device to DRIVEN by a sequencer/drum 

will always hard sync to the incoming bar, chopping the loop up if 

>the EDP

won't follow a MIDI clock if it changes tempo.

..but otherwise it identifies the necessary loop length before recording
    (unless you tell it no)

don't have experience of the others,
repeater will chase the tempo of an incoming clock and do time stretching,

If you use EDP as master, using that trick you do with re-triggering the 
(NextLoop button) will tend to put your loop out of time with the rest.

andy butler