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RE: BAY AREA new music scene:

> >    The other reason I think is that like a lot of
people on
> this list,  a lot of people who do new or unusual
musics are not >particularly social people to begin
with but that's the subject for another
> discussion.

I've lived in New York City (well, across the bridge
at least) and Ithaca, NY and they both had WAY better
new music scenes than SF. Sorry to step on anyone's
toes, but from my experiences this is what I've seen.

I don't really understand why, but when I first moved
out here in 1988 I struggled to find a band interested
in doing something new and eventually joined a Ska
band just because I wanted to play!  After being in
that band for a few months, I was told, "no practice
next week, we'll call you and let you know when the
next one is."  That call never came.  I later ran into
the drummer who told me the original guitarest had
returned to the states and they took him back.  Nice. 
Thanks for the notice.

Bitter?  Sure.  Shortly after, I moved to Ithaca, NY
and was able to instantly find people to play with and
put together a pretty kick ass band.  Why?  Maybe it's
because people there don't have to spend 100% of their
time working to pay rent?  Anyway, this tiny college
town had a thriving new music scene.

Moved back to SF in 99.  Things have changed a bit for
the better for sure, but they're still not great. 
I've given up trying to find a co-looper or do live
gigs.    I've put up and answered ads to no avail. I
had one response from a Looper on LD but they never
returned my emails.  I've done a few gigs at 29 Grand
in Oakland, but it ended up just being me playing to
my friends.  Very nice woman named Sarah runs it
though, so if you're looking for a venu I'd say start


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