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midi note footcontroller EDP+ recommendations

Hi all,

I've been researching midi foot controllers for my stereo EDP+ system.  
I currently use a cheap Roland PC200 midi kybd to send note number 
messages but I'm looking for something in a pedalboard configuration.  I 
first checked out the FCB1010 but it appears only pedal 10 can send a 
midi note number message.  Then I checked out the Roland FC200 which 
says it can send midi note messages from each of the 10 
footswitches...this sounds much more like what I'm looking for.  I can't 
find a manual online and was wondering if it can send multiple note 
numbers per footswitch?

Anyone have experience with the FC200 or something else that sends midi 
note #'s that would be a better fit for my system?