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Music (Was: music is not political)

At 12:16 AM 4/6/2006, you wrote:
>There is also an emotional understanding, which is required. To 
>quote Xenakis: Music is not a language.
>But it has an aspect of communication. The musician does express 
>some feelings, the listener will resonate if there is an emotional 
>understanding. The feelings of the performer and the feelings of the 
>listener do not need to be the same, (no language with clear 
>mappings) but it needs to have a common space of resonance otherwise 
>nothing would happen.
>I did not refer to intellectual understanding, this could even 
>distract the resonances, but sometimes it can also help...

I think that music is beyond language and emotion, although it 
touches both.  The more I become involved in music, the more 
inarticulate I become in discussing it in the abstract.  There is 
continuing scientific research that shows how music enmeshes 
structures in our brains.  But I sense music more in a spiritual 
sense these days.  In transcendent performances, musicians and 
audience commune rather than communicate.


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