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Re: getting midi into sooperlooper?

you need to set up a midi track. Set the input to be that of the 
fcb1010, and the output should be routed into the SooperLooper. That's 
one way.

The other way is using the midi assignment mode in Ableton Live (that 
would be the midi button in the upper right corner) Then expand the 
sooperlooper plugin by clicking the arrow/triangle logo on the plugin.

There are pros and cons to both procedures, which I won't get into here, 
but the easiest way for you is to do the midi assignments in Live, and 
the most fun one is doing midi looping with the parameters, possible 
with the first example.


geoff smith wrote:
> was wondering if someone could tell me what I am missing.
> I can't seem to get midi into sooperlooper as an audio unit plugin in 
> ableton live5
> I have tried using the midi patchbay program but I am lost as to where 
> in sooperlooper itself I tell it where the midi is coming from. i.e. 
> there is usually a select miidi source or port. But I cannot find this 
> anywhere. I have stared at it now for an hour.
> I am simply trying to use my fcb1010 to control sooperlooper in live.
> Or just control sooperlooper in general, but can't find the midi 
> preferences in it to select the source, I can find the midi section to 
> learn command/note etc. but not the overall input.
> any help would be great
> geoff
> .