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Cheapest MIDI controller ever


Since I delurked, let me share my old DIY plans for cheapest (and
possibly lightest and smallest) MIDI controller ever - maybe it'll
be useful for somebuddy.

It's PC-software based and basically nothing more then bunch of
buttons (and few electronic parts) connected to PC game port.

All processing done in windows soft in a way not unlike from
well-known MidiJoy soft, but my design support up to 15 buttons
and no knobs (though only one button could be pressed at time).

This project requires basic soldering skills, about $10 for parts
and some free time.

Best application I could think of - small patch changer for Ableton
of something. Just find an old tabletop calculator, add some parts
and have an hours of fun preset changing :-)


PS Software is able to send note on, note off, cc, program change on key