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Re: LP1/FCB1010

> you can program as many as you like. Every single button on your  pedal 
> board could control up to 8 functions in sequence. :o)

It is indeed a beautiful thing.  I started out by mapping both reverse and 
half speed to the same button (suggested by Bob in the LP1 manual), then I 
mapped Overdub and half-speed to another button (suggestion from Bill 
Walker), which as you can imagine allows for some interesting things with 
half speed and double-speed output popping up depending on how you use it. 
mapped another two buttons to operate sort of like the EDP next loop 
function, based on Steve's suggestion , etc. The list could go on and on.

I've just decided to ditch my FCB for controlling the LP1 and go to my 
and sleek ADA MC-1 MIDI controller...couldn't do this with the EDP because 
the unit only sends program changes. I'll map a few other MIDI buttons to 
volume and feedback changes, rather than using the FCB controller 
pedals...I've relieved to rid that boat anchor of a MIDI controller from 
system, at least for the LP1. I'll use the FCB for Mobius.


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