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[OT] Re: Lighting Idea for Loopers!

Craig wrote:
"I had a piece in the SIGGRAPH cyber fashion show with Janet Hanson
(creator of the LED suit) last summer - lots of great fun things.

There are a few pics on my site:


I just wanted to weigh in and say that Craig McCoullough is not
only a really fascinating musician (loops, trumpet, flugelhorn, 
electronic musical inventions, etc.)
but he is also an amazing fashion designer and photographer.

I've had the privilege of both seeing him play and also MCing a goth 
show that he designed
dagylo outfits for.

It's really cool to see him delurk.   He is one of the most truly creative 
people I know and I hope we can
snag him for a performance at Y2K6 this year.

Rick Walker    aka |()()p.p()()|