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Re:Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

3nki explains

>>>>i think people who don't "believe" in politics are playing into the
>>>>hands of those systems who would control us.

and continues

>politics is the interrelations among people.

so by that definition I'm political :-)
and like you say, everyone is involved in politics

So really we just have 2 different definitions of politics to use

a) to do with the government of a country
b) human interrelation ( although I'm not sure that shouldn't be 
'human interrelation in terms of the balance of power between individuals')

You seem to be saying that by denying that politics should be defined 
as human interrelation is somehow going to allow the politicians that 
run the country more chance to have their evil way.

>someone asked for a definition of politics

I asked Stefan for his.
He seems not to want anything to do with government politician types.

>so i provided several

I don't think there's anyone here doesn't know what the word 
"political" is used for.
...but you're using it in more than one sense all at the same time in 
order to make your point.

how does the way your playing interacts with your loops reflect your