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Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

a k butler wrote:
> I'd make an equally unsupported statement that there's a vast
> majority of people who would never like Stockhausen however much they
> were encouraged.

Most because they don't understand it (and don't think its worth to
bother) and some because they don't like the politics behind it ;-)

> The government of the country you live in won't be influenced by the
> music that you play.

Possibly, but the other way round is more obvious: The government does
influence the music you play. If you're poor, you might not be able to
play the music your audience would appriciate. A government can support
the arts or suppress the arts. This does make a difference.
If you play music on the streets and the police kicks you off always or
if you live in Boise where you even get paid for playing on the street
will make a big difference...

>> my semi-coherent 2-cent rambling, once again ;)
> and mine ;-)   apologies for bandwidth

and mine, I like the thread...

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Forgot what that was



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