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Now OT Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

Interesting thing is that Clinton doesn't say get more money to the average
folk (which I don't equate to poor or lower middle class), nor does he say 
money to the below average folks,  he still says get the rich more money
because he knows that in spite of CEO's getting big bucks, etc., etc.,
businesses give jobs and pay people salaries,etc.  He simply says if the
average folks do "better"; this can be viewed in multiple ways, one of 
which is
like Paul said; there are other ways as well...

Clinton also doesn't say "give more money to the poor"...


Quoting Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net>:

> No it is not.
> The fact is that if you give money to the poor or lower middle class, 
> they will buy more from their local merchants, who buy more from 
> their distributors, who buy more from the manufacturers, etc...
> If you give more money to the rich, they keep it, or it goes to the 
> CEOs as bonus money or perks.
>> << The truth is there is an ideological struggle between those
>> who  believe that the best way to grow the economy is
>> to give more money to the wealthy. >>
>> This "ideology" is kinda like if I (a lower middle class shmuck) 
>> have more money (due to lower taxes), the panhandlers will be better 
>> off because I'll have more spare change in my pocket to give them. 
>> OR - I could open a lemonade stand and give a kid a job!
> --