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RE: lexicon vs electrix (was Jam-Man for sale)

The Repeater noise thing is always something that's
baffled me.  I find it to be one of the quietest
devices I own.  I've never used the front instrument
input, only the line level input in the back. I've
accidently kept loops open at 100% with nothing going
into it and not noticed.  I see this complaint all the
time though.  It leads me to believe that units went
out that were defective, or that the source of noise
is somewhere else in the user's system.

I don't care what looper you have, but if you have it
at 100% feedback and your feeding noise into it you're
going to get noise buildup just as you'd get buildup
of any sound you put in.  You really have to be
careful with all loopers in this respect.

I do conceed that the Lexicon JamMan was more friendly
to a wide range of input levels.  Really designed with
the guitarist in mind.  It's easy to see the Repeater
as not.  Hell, it's got a phono preamp in it... you
don't have that switched on do you?  Please tell me

If you look at them purely spec wise (which you can
never totally trust) it's plain to see that the
Repeater has a little bit better dynamic range than
the JamMan.  It also has a higher sample rate.  I
think in my review of it when it first came out I
noted that the sound was superb and it was like
putting on glasses for the first time after having
needed them slightly for years.  I didn't think the
JamMan sounded bad, quite good actually, but the
Repeater and the EDP just sound a bit quieter and
better.  At least in my setup and it's by no means the
best system in the world.  I'm just running it out of
the effects send of a Soundcraft board and into Mackie

Also, the JamMan click/pop is well documented.  I
don't know if later Bob Sallon mods fixed this, but if
there was any midi jitter and you were doing quiet
ambient washes you'd hear it for sure.  We talked
about it on this list a lot.  For a while I never
heard it because I was doing things synced to drums a
lot, but when I started doing more peaceful sounding
drones you'd hear it quiet easily.

Did the JamMan ever really become "Stereo"  I though
that they added multiple tracks but it never actually
had the ability do record a stereo loop.  Am I wrong
on that one?  I did install an upgrade at one point
but I'm pretty sure I didn't get stereo loops out of
that box.

--- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> >>As an owner of both, I have to say I've found it
> to be the exact
> opposite.... Damn that annoying click when it's MIDI
> synced though.<<
> we shall be forever citing this thread as an example
> of YMMV..... not
> knowing the setups that the aforementioned devices
> are living in, I can only
> add that our jam-mans have never made any noise,
> hiss hum or click, that
> we've noticed here, & they're always midi-clocked.
> the repeaters, on the
> other hand, seem to be prone to cumulative noise
> almost like a pair of
> revoxes.... unless you are really careful with the
> gain structure. 
> the line inputs on the back are the suckiest,
> noise-wise. the jack on the
> front is relatively quiet, as is the insert-return
> input. 
> has anyone tried using it with a record deck
> directly into it's RIAA preamp?
> d.
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