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Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

money!....pink floyd said it best 

--- mike@michaelplishka.com wrote:

> It just dawned on me that President Clinton's quote
> (as quoted) shows no
> idealogical struggle strictly speaking.  The way
> he's phrased it, "the 
> best way
> to grow the economy is to give more money to the
> wealthy" is the one 
> side of the
> coin.  The other side should be something else, but
> it's not.  It's 
> STILL to get
> more money to the wealthy so they can use it. It's
> more of a methodological
> struggle as isn't a true idealogical struggle in
> getting money to the wealthy.
> The struggle is more along the lines of "I can tax
> you before or tax 
> you after,
> but your money still makes the rich richer, the poor
> poorer, and the average
> more averager."
> Quoting 3nki <3nki@modaldub.net>
> > "The truth is there is an ideological struggle
> between those who
> > believe that the best way to grow the economy is
> to give more money
> > to the wealthy, and the Democrats who believe that
> the wealthy will
> > make more money if average people do better." -
> President Bill Clinton
> >

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