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Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

a k butler wrote:
> hi Stephan,
> So what's your definition of Politics then?
> Would it be "that which politicians do" , which is rather how I think of 
> it,
> or some other?

That which politicians do is usually a part of politics which is really 
annoying, nobody wants to be connected to that. But thats only one 
single aspect of politics: the power. And I would assume that most 
politicians are not professional, because their only intention seems to 
be growing their personal power which usually is against that what could 
be politics in a human way: finding solutions for problems of a community.
Unfortunately you would need power to do politics professionally. Its 
the same with other professions, you need money to do it, but if you 
think thats the only thing you have to care of, you stop caring about 
your profession...

> andy butler
> ...if my music was political, I wouldn't have to ask the question ;-)

As stated before, I guess your music has no political intention, but 
does have some political impact. Love you...



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