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Re: LP1/FCB1010

Steve -

What you describe is very interesting.

For the sake of conversation, let's call the sequence of events you 
below that are executable with one button-push as "The Lawson Maneuver."
Can I only program one set of chained events this way into the 
or could I program in The Lawson Maneuver" and add others, like a
"Kirkdorffer Maneuver," a "Trick Number 3" and "Trick number 4" etc.  If I
can add other multi-chained events, is there a limit?


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> >>>actually if you want to start doing more advanced stuff with the
> LP-1
> > I think the FCB1010 manual starts to come in handy again.
> > For instance, if you want to start recording on a Multiplied track
> > right away.
> > That requires sending 2 midi commands from one pedal.<<<
> Unless I'm missing what you're saying here, Andy, that can be done
> with just the programming in the LP1 - you can program up to 8
> different functions to happen simultaneously and in order onto any
> one button.
> So you could have a button that closed the current loop, switched to
> the next loop, sync'd it, multipled it to four times the original
> length and started it recording. All without having to do anything on
> the foot controller except press the button.
> :o)
> Steve
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