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Noise Pancakes in the news!

definitely worth reading:



It's Saturday morning in San Francisco. Across the city, scenesters  
sit bleary-eyed in diners, sucking greasy spoons and mainlining  
caffeine. But in an airy loft in the dirty heart of the Mission, 30  
people of various ages are chatting brightly, paper plates in hands  
and on knees, carving into vegan gingerbread pancakes, and taking in  
some utterly brutal electronic live music. This is "Godwaffle Noise  
Pancakes," a monthly gathering for fans of gourmet griddle fare and  
sonic violence.

[ ... ]

Noise is about the transitory joy and pain that unfold at each  
performance, whether during the sweaty electronic terror of the  
national scene's current ambassadors to the mainstream, Wolf Eyes;  
the gore-pop of Spider Compass Goodcrime Band; or the manipulated- 
feedback monsoon of Bacillus, who appears on the Postscript DVD in a  
full biohazard get-up, the necessity of which becomes clear when he  
steps into the audience and releases some powdery viruses into the air.

It's also wonderful to see music made by people who couldn't give a  
shit about making any money. A noise artist will never get a record  
deal, despite the fact that he will likely invest hundreds of dollars  
in laptops, tape machines, sound processors, musical instruments,  
effects pedals, and anal beads.

At today's "Noise Pancakes," the watchers are made up of young  
hipsters, scruffy old metal dudes, middle-aged art types, and a small  
phalanx of pretty UC Berkeley undergrads doing some sort of  
"research." In a corner, a young couple placidly sits on a couch  
reading the newspaper while Noel Von Harmonson (from local garage- 
psych band Comets on Fire) unleashes a thunderous solo set not three  
feet away. In broad daylight, in full view of the Financial District,  
urbanely eating pancakes, it feels like we are winning a little war.  
Against what it's unclear, but the fight is delightful.