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Re: loop interview podcast

Good grief...that is an absurdly long URL. Here's the Tiny URL version:



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Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 5:17 PM
Subject: loop interview podcast

>I recorded this little podcast interview in January after a show in  
> Detroit. The interview starts after a piece of music. I'm forwarding  
> it to the list it because I talk a little about gear issues and what  
> it's like to deal with them onstage in front of an audience! Here you  
> go...
> http://archive-b01.libsyn.com/podcasts/barhopsessions/ 
> bar_hop_sessions_show__2_-_with_your_host_Greater_Alexander.mp3? 
> lneeeMV1bHmTdmt%2BbXNtq2urlHOY