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Re: Guitar Preamps (Was: Guitars, Loopers and Filter Factory Queens)

I am happy to see that preamps are getting considerations; they are the 
real heart of your sound and their qualities are not just the "sound" in 
itself but also some very important characters that make you feel it is 
an instrument and ...... blah blah...
I play electric guitar direct to effects since the beginning of my 
musical life and after many, many preamps owned and tested, here is what 
I use everyday: http://www.spl-usa.com/gainstation1/2272_in_short_E.html
After having found it I mailed my compliments to them and they did this: 
I don't endorse them, I payed for my Gainstation in full and wrote my 
compliments after having used it.
I think this is a fantastic piece of gear.
Try to find one, play with its knobs and listen.
my best,

Kevin wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> Thanks for the tips!  Yes, I'm from Oregon and I already use K&K 
> pickups on some of my acoustic stuff.  I was even K&K Artist of the 
> month at one point:
> http://www.kksound.com/aotm/artistofthemonth0203.html
> I've also got a K&K Pure Western in my main guitar. And I also have 
> the K&K Pure preamp although I hardly ever need to use it.
> However I still need a good preamp for the electric guitar stuff I do 
> with my acoustic.  I use the Dean Markley ProMag magnetic pickup in my 
> sound hole for the electric sounds for when I want to sound like a 
> horn or strings.  Hence my question about the preamps folks use.  I'm 
> aware of all the high-end systems but all the gear I use has to pay 
> its keep so I tend towards the cheap, sturdy and great sounding 
> stuff.  I also have an old electric guitar that I'd like to bring up 
> to line level after the effects chain but before the looper and filter.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> www.TheNettles.com
> At 06:39 AM 4/4/2006, you wrote:
>> You're there in Oregon, right?  Get the Trinity Plus pickup from K&K 
>> Sound in Coos Bay (I think it's Coos Bay).  The MOST INCREDIBLE 
>> sounding acoustic pickup on earth.  I've tried them all.  Recently 
>> installed K&Ks in a bunch of my acoustic guitars and Mike Gillies 
>> (Metallica, Motley Crue, Willie Nelson, Celine Dion), who is helping 
>> us engineer the Hayley Sales project for Universal Music said, 
>> "Amazing!  We don't need mic's!"  And we have some very nice mic's here.
>> www.kksound.com
>> They have pre amps built in.  But I use the Chameleon (Chinese Neve) 
>> mic pre (DI) to get a very wicked and wonderful sound.   You can get 
>> the Chameleon from Pacific Pro Audio.  It's very affordable and sweet 
>> (around $600-700 USD).  Good for vox too.  We use it with the Neumann 
>> M149 for lead vox.  I've CC'd this to Brian at Pacific Pro and 
>> Christy at K&K  so you can have their email addresses.
> .