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AW: boss dd20- underwhelmed...

Scott Hansen wrote something about the DD20, to which I want to add:

I think the DD20 has a huge potential for anyone with embedded programming
skills. It's correct that of the eleven modes, about five are really cool,
but if the tape delay had real warble/saturation artifacts (think DL4), 
would be a whole different story. And I'd like to be able to really return
to a delay from which I've switched away and continue playing with it. And 
want to store a SOS setting in user memory, so I could have two sound on
sound loops. And I want to use the additional footswitch to
halfspeed/reverse (just like with the DL4) when in SOS mode. And perhaps 
possibility to restart a loop (with a UI for the left FS like when a loop 
in memory: short press - restart loop, long press - erase loop. And then 
can start recording to an empty loop with short press). And btw, please 
the "E.Level" knob into a mix knob so we can completely turn off the dry
signal...just dreaming.

I still have to combine both the DD20 and the DL4 for a mini looping rig...