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Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

polˇiˇtics  (pl-tks)
The often internally conflicting interrelationships among people in a  

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Politics, sometimes defined as "the art and science of  
government."[1], is a process by which collective decisions are made  
within groups. Although the term is generally applied to behavior  
within governments, politics is observed in all human (and many non- 
human) group interactions, including corporate, academic, and  
religious institutions.

Political science is the study of political behavior and examines the  
acquisition and application of power.

One theorist, Harold Lasswell, has defined politics as "who gets  
what, when, where, and how." An alternative definition, put forth by  
political scientists Dickerson and Flanagan, is that politics is a  
"process of conflict resolution in which support is mobilized and  
maintained for collective projects".

Politics (Aristotle)
 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Politics of Aristotle is the second half of a single treatise of  
which his Ethics is the first. Both deal with one and the same  
subject. This subject is what Aristotle calls in one place the  
"philosophy of human affairs" but more frequently Political or Social  
Science. He collected and studied the constitutions of over 150 city  
states before writing the Politics.