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Re: Guitar Preamps (Was: Guitars, Loopers and Filter Factory Queens)

Hi Kevin

You're there in Oregon, right? Get the Trinity Plus pickup from K&K Sound in Coos Bay (I think it's Coos Bay). The MOST INCREDIBLE sounding acoustic pickup on earth. I've tried them all. Recently installed K&Ks in a bunch of my acoustic guitars and Mike Gillies (Metallica, Motley Crue, Willie Nelson, Celine Dion), who is helping us engineer the Hayley Sales project for Universal Music said, "Amazing! We don't need mic's!" And we have some very nice mic's here.


They have pre amps built in. But I use the Chameleon (Chinese Neve) mic pre (DI) to get a very wicked and wonderful sound. You can get the Chameleon from Pacific Pro Audio. It's very affordable and sweet (around $600-700 USD). Good for vox too. We use it with the Neumann M149 for lead vox. I've CC'd this to Brian at Pacific Pro and Christy at K&K so you can have their email addresses.


I guarantee if you want a real acoustic sound this is one of the very best paths going.

For distortion I use an old Panaramic (Magnatone) amp. 1X12" speak, Telefunken tubes... Can't beat it. Don't like stomp boxes for some perverted reason. Also have a 72 Marshall (plexi electronics).. Like the Panaramic better for a rich, fat, natural distortion on acoustic. Hard to find. Used a little Alamo once with acoustic guitar that was pretty nice... but too bright. For the distorted, more elec guitar sound on acoustic I use a little Webber parlor with a Highlander pickup. Not real like the K&K but cool for an almost Tele or weird Strat kind of sound. ALWAYS gets huge compliments, "how do you get that sound?"s and raised eyebrows.

For David Webbers guitars:

You can see some of this stuff on my site in the "Tools" section.

Peace inside and out
richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.

On 3-Apr-06, at 10:17 PM, Kevin wrote:

At 01:36 PM 4/1/2006, Andy wrote:
I don't have the Filter Queen , but still need to amplify the guitar to line level.
I've been using an ADA MP-1 valve/transistor guitar preamp lately.
Does good clean pre-amping, or interesting distortions.
:-( but perhaps not as cheap as you'd like
(don't know though, mine cost 100 in GB, so you might find one v. reasonably in US).

Thanks, Andy. It looks good.

What are the other preferred guitar preamps for folks on the list? I'd like to get a really hot but full-range signal from my acoustic guitar.


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