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Re: Music is not political (Was Re: music is political)

From: "Stefan Tiedje" <Stefan-Tiedje@addcom.de>
> Stephen Goodman wrote:
>> But to declare All Art is Always Political?  Such is only true for
>> one who thinks so, and not for most others.
> I think there is a misinterpretation between intention and environment.
> I was talking about an environment we live in, which is political,
> social etc.
> I did not want to say any art has a political intention.
> This is very different. And of course most music does not have any
> political intention but still has political implications.

Only if one requires political implications in the act of listening to 
music.  I think it's purely personal, unless the listener requires others 
share their viewpoint.

> Being aware of that helps to avoid what you expressed with these words:
>> because it is these folks who want everyone to operate on that basis,
>> involving "deals" and "transactional relationships". Great for the 
>> of know-nothing middlemen and career politicos with nowhere else to go, 
>> not so great for everyone else.

Not at all.  What I said was that defining things as "political" by 
literally declares that others must share in the same idea.  Unilateral 
labeling of consumers is one of the problems the big music companies 
because it's simply easier during the promo phase, though as one can 
see this tactic does not work for them.  So much so that they've had to 
redefine what Gold and Platinum awards are, just to keep their 
poorly-performing products in the public eye.  One of these days someone 
writes and performs good work will sell over 1,000,000 copies, and they'll 
have to come up with another Uber-Metal to call the old benchmark!

> There was a case in Germany recently as Angela Merkel used the song 
> "Angie" for her propaganda. The Stones where not amused...

And Italy's PM has gotten in trouble with Bono [gasp!  call the media!] 
after he used a photo of the two of them shaking hands in his reelection 
campaign.  (What did Bono think the guy was going to do, hang it on his 
and forget about it?  I'm sure if Bono and Berlusconi's politics were the 
same kind of Leftism things would be different.  So is politics an 
enhancement to cooperation, or a hindrance?  Again, it's a personal thing, 
isn't it?)

> But claiming a certain music is not political is clearly a political 
> statement and carrys it into that context/perspective.

Such is only a political statement if the context it was made in was 
political.  It's not the other way round.

> If you have no political intention at all, you would not participate in 
> this thread... ;-)

My intention is to keep politics out of it as much as possible, which also 
reduces punditry, repression, and easy-to-use generalizations about the 

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