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Oh HE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE MUSICIANS!! I just love him. He's an amazing performer. He gave a performance at our warehouse in San Francisco, in Nov 2004, just the night after the last presidential elections. It was a cathartic experience that made us all feel quite a bit better.

Imogen Heap is a huge fan too...they've worked together in the past.

On Apr 3, 2006, at 12:33 PM, Fabio Anile wrote:

As usual, when I listen to a disc, I pay attention to all the musicians, involved in.
So, in the last months, when,  I was listen to the last David Sylvian album (Slow Borne Sorrow),
I was attracted by a misterious trumpet player, named (as I read in the "micro" notes, inside
that disc) Arve Henriksen (www.arvehenriksen.no/).
After some research on the web I buy his last album, called "Chiaroscuro", an italian words, meaning
"light and shade"
People.....this week-end I fall in love with this album, playing it over and over in my CD player.
Arve is an explorative musician: he plays is trumpet thinking to voice and sings thinking to his trumpet,
there's a lot of research in this direction, generating interesting sounds and effects. Sometimes, his trumpet remind me
Jon Hassel; sometimes Chet Baker; sometimes N. P. Molvaer; soometimes it reminds me just ancient sounds, birds, winds.....
It's in a sort of ambient style, with ethnic percussions sometimes, and.... last but not the least:
there is a lot of looping (expecially used for harmonizations) .
I'm sure there is someone on this list, knowing this guy....
Maybe you, Per, have you ever heard him ?
I'm surely interested in your opinion...
For those who don't know him, I strongly raccomend it !