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FS: Digitech PDS8000

Hello there, this is my first post to loopersdelight, my name is Joonas 
and I'm from Finland, and I've been using loopers (DOD DFX94 in the 
beginning, Digitech PDS8000 & Akai Headrush) for several years. Now I'm 
afraid that the PDS8000 will have to go, I'm gonna use the cash for a more 
modern looper (I'm currently looking at the Boss RC-20). I really like the 
pedal, but I feel like it restricts my playing and looping (I'm sure you 
know what I mean if you know the pedal), so off it goes!

The PDS8000 is in quite a good shape for it's age, some hissing & a slight 
volume drop when on, I've been using this with a line selector anyway. The 
switches work perfectly. I'll ship anywhere really, but EU/UK preferred, 
buyer pays shipping. The asking price is 230 euros / best offer. Straight 
trades to more modern loopers etc. also possible, let me know what you've 

Sorry to spam in my very first post, but I just thought someone here might 
be interested (I've been reading the mailing list archive for years now, 
seems like a lot of you guys appreciate these pedals). 

All the best,