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Re: Hidden tracks on cd?

jj 179 wrote:
> What are your suggestions on the best way to put a hidden track on an 
> audio cd these days?

I have done both in the past for some of my clients.
Audio before the first track within the silence is a matter of the 
mastering programm and possibly of the CD-player, as the specs demand 
the pause before the first track to be exact 2 seconds. Any manufacturer 
who mutes anything before would still make a correct player. Try to play 
your disc on a different player... The hidden last track isn't that bad, 
because its likely to be found occasionally by anybody who allows 
silence in her rooms, you might want to add something which is only 
accessable for people who like silence...
The disadvantage is, that you see it in the display, no way to hide that.

But as the colleages already said, you need to know what its for. 
Typically its a fan bonus for hardcore fans who could share that insider 
knowledge. But if you want to give a bonus to your fans, let them walk 
to your website and offer the bonus there, maybe after registering. I 
think all the music you can download at DGMLive at the moment is a very 
effective way to bind fans, much more effective than a bonus track.



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