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boss dd20- underwhelmed...

last week, i tried out a boss dd20 for 2 days and was underwhelmed.
i would say that if you're looking for your 1st looper it would be a good
also if you need live looping option for guitar it would be good w/ the foot controls thing,
but i just found for my own needs (and i didn't really need one, just wanted to try it
out)-it seemed redundant as to what my dod d-12 can do (along w/ my digitech rp100,
& ibanez de-7 give me)...
i thought that the best things on the dd20 where the basic delay (and the 23 sec is good),
and i liked what the sound on sound could do, but i wished there was more manipulation options in that mode.
the tape echo was ok, and the dual delay gave some interesting results.
i thought all the other options (there are 11 modes) seemed gimmicky-like they needed to add things to make it worth the 179 or 225 cost.
also might take in acct a couple of things: it was my 1st boss pedal and i was hoping it would bowl me over, and it didn't really. and the other thing i've been in "downsizing mode for a few months, and it didn't seem like something that i would put to use, considering my other options.
the one thing i did love was the fast time change mode, you could really get wacky manipulations w/ that, and i debated keeping it for that alone.....

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