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way ot /goodmans garage sale

you know a king sized water bed frame and a pond liner makes for a hell of a ebb and flow flood table.

Stephen Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net> wrote:

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> Mark Sottilaro wrote:
> While we are at it: does anyone on this list have the Thomas Dolby CD
> that he put out for the movie "The Minds Eye".

Ah, the VHS of this was given to me some years ago and it's in storage in LA
since 2000... One of these days I'll have to get back and have the biggest
lawn sale of all time (anybody want a good king-size water bed frame?).
There was another track from the vid, "Near Earth Object" that was pretty
good too, a bit more euro I remember thinking.

The guy at the storage place asked me the other week, "Hey man, you ever
comin' back here?" I wish...
Stephen Goodman

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