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More findings on the LP-1

Per wrote
"All cool so far - but what I still have not figured out, with the
LP-1, is if you can create many loops on those eight tracks. Not
layering audio into the same loop but many loops that you can "call
up"/"jump between". For example, the EDP does that and you can set
the preferred number of "Moore Loops" at the program level. A
similar function is found in Mobius where you can just keep on
creating new loops on a track until the computer bogs down ;-)"

  I think I understand what you are asking, does the LP-1 do virtual 
or loops that you can toggle between? No it doesn't work like the EDP in
that way, more like the Repeater, with separate tracks, however the LP-1
does not do weird tempo farts like the repeater does when using a multiply
function, ( in the LP-1's case you have a  choice of double, triple, or
quadruple, your current loop length).
  What I find most liberating about the LP-1 is,  the midi implementation 
both global and variable for all tracks, so for example if I set up a bank
of presets on my behringer FCB1010, as long as I have two presets dedicated
to scrolling up and down from track to track, all of the other presets I
have created for functions like record/overdub, playback/stop, erase, 
speed, reverse, etc. expression pedal feedback control, and volume, will
continue to work for the newly selected track, yet independently  of the
other tracks I've recorded. This means for example, Track 1 could be a 
loop with a combination of overdubs in both record speeds, Track 2  a much
longer melodic track, Track 3 is a medium length track recorded at held
speed, toggled to normal speed to sound an octave higher and twice as fast
and reversed, Track 4 could be yet  another theme or harmonic series
recorded at a different length, Track 5 could be another reversed melodic
passage, etc and so on, up to 8 tracks, in sync, or not. Another great
feature that I may have mentioned before, is with this unit, you can throw
away your behringer FCB1010, manual (what good it did anyway:) because all
midi controller functions are easily programmed from the front panel, and
are sooo easy to assign to your midi foot pedal.  Lastly, there is an all
stop program feature, that naturally lets each loop  play to the end and
stop, so if you have created several loops of different lengths, the effect
is one of each track dropping out independently, one at a time, in order of
shortest to longest track, as opposed to everything abruptly coming to a
halt. Sweeet.