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RE: laptop vs echoplex

Wow, Mobius is new for me, but the simplicity & pureness is incredible...
This is what I was looking for!

Stuart, thanks a lot! ;-)



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For me, the main issue in this discussion is cost.

For the price of 600 (around the price of one mono EDP), I've just 
purchased a second hand laptop that has the power to emulate 16 (8 
stereo pairs) EDP's. The same laptop can also emulate virtual 
synths/samplers (through Ableton Live) - all syncronised beautifully.

When you take into account cost of building up my virtual studio in 
hardware form, it would cost about 15,000 for the EDP's alone (source: 
Thomann.de). Another 250 for leads, 200 or so for flight cases, 300 
for an adequate mixing desk, 1000 for a few rack effects, 1000 for a 
couple of synths.... you can see where I'm getting at.

In an ideal world, I would love to have a bank of EDP's or a 
Looperlative... Hardware will always be the safest and most reliable 
option, but for a struggling musician like myself, there is no other 
option but to go down the laptop route.

As far as reliability goes, with a bit of time and patience, it is 
possible to set up a reliable and trustworthy laptop. Mobius, although 
still under development, is incredibly resilient and stable. Any bugs 
are quickly discovered and erradicated. As long as you use the laptop 
purely as a looping device, and don't connect it to the net or install 
lots of 'warez', I don't think that you will have many problems.

I hope to be gigging soon with my new setup. A couple of years ago, I 
would have never believed that I would be putting my faith in a laptop 
on stage! :)

...just my 2 cents

- Stuart Wyatt  http://swyatt.com